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1ST XIRound 6: BTCC 4/117 def East Box Hill 116 at Ted Ajani Reserve.

B Ratnayake 52*, D Mahawatte 4/18, A Mohandas 3/20, N Sopariwala 2/22

Round 7: BTCC 151 def by Blackburn South 5/187 at Ted Ajani Reserve.

A Mohandas 31, D Mahawatte 2/52


Round 6: BTCC 9/124 def by St Davids 5d/191 at Donvale Reserve

M Cassidy 28, D Matthews 27, P Dempsey 2/34, M Cassidy 2/59

Round 7: BTCC 71 def by Manningham 152 at Rieschiecks Reserve

M Croos 3/37, A Smith 3/45, J Haikal 2/30, A Yamdagni 2/39


Round 8: Washed Out

Round 7: BTCC 7/98 def by Forest Hill 152 at Terrara Park

Jo Sticca 2/25


Round 8: Washed Out


No Game.