The Bulleen Templestowe Cricket Club acknowledges Life Membership to those who have served the club in a notable way over a certain period of time. Whether it is on the field service, serving as a committee member, coaching or helping the club over a period of time; the Bullants recognise its heroes by appointing them with Life Membership to show our appreciation.

Below is a list of names and the season in which they received Life Membership.

George Pollard*1974/75
Tom Stannard1975/76
John Tyson1975/76
Bill Ling1981/82
John Cochrane1981/82
Harry Young1982/83
Colin Kelly1984/85
Ken Smith1984/85
Maurie O’Dal1985/86
Robert Chaplin1986/87
Warren Miller1991/92
David Young1991/92
Peter Chadwick1992/93
Andrew Miller1994/95
Tony Stagg1995/96
John Rainbow1995/96
James Barry1996/97
Paul Tyson1999/2000
Karel Theunissen1999/2000
Barry Rainbow2001/02
Tom Matthews2002/03
Ashley Humphrey2002/03
Glenn Arbuckle2003/04
Steven Young2004/05
Graham Matthews2005/06
Helen Young2007/08
Glenn Alexander2008/09
Scott Boyd2008/09
Brian Kelly2009/10
Emmanuel Macrides2009/10
Michael Amor2010/11
Tim Arnold2010/11
Luke Mason2012/13
Andrew Coulston2012/13
Ian Simpson2013/14
David Matthews2015/16
Jack Miller2015/16
Jack Berry2017/18
Mark Coulston2017/18

* Deceased