Dear Diary,

We’ve had a very busy pre-season and a lot of hard work has been done behind the scenes in preparation for Round 1 which is now just around the corner. Our Committee has remained largely unchanged from last season, with the exception of Andrew Verga and John Lane who have come on board this season for the first time. I’d like to thank our outgoing committee members Luke Mason and Mick Amor for their hard work over the last few years, in particular Mick who served as BTCC President for 4 seasons.

I’m pleased to report that EFSS, Bendigo Bank, The Harp of Erin and Leighton have all come on board again as sponsors of BTCC for the upcoming season – thank you for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated and allows us to invest back into the Club.

We’ve retained most of our senior playing group, and it is particularly pleasing to see we have recruited a number of new junior players to the Club.  I’m also very happy to confirm that our T20B team has committed to playing with the Bullants for another season, this time with Faizan Lalani taking over the reins as captain.  The guys are going to look terrific in their new blue and gold playing tops and we hope they continue to feel a part of our Club.

Senior pre-season has also seen steady numbers, with my personal highlight being the 1000 steps walk in the Mt Dandenongs.  It was good to mix up pre-season with the walk, and I highly recommend it for a leisurely Sunday morning stroll.

This season also marks the 125th anniversary of the inception of the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association, and the Association has planned a few events throughout the season including a ‘Vintage Round’ in early January 2015 to commemorate the occasion.  It just so happens that this season BTCC has decided to re-produce baggy caps for our senior players in a vintage design, similar to what our Club’s players wore when we were established back in the 1970s. We put the design of the baggy caps out to the Senior Players and Past Players of the Club for a vote, and the overwhelming response was in favour of the vintage design.  We expect these to arrive in time for Round 1.

Looking forward to Season 2014/15!



Welcome to season 2014/15.  We have had an excellent preseason with a high quality standard of training at the indoor sessions in Blackburn. It was great to see nearly 15 blokes tackle the 1,000 steps at Mt Dandenong on Sunday 24 August to challenge their fitness levels and see where we need to improve prior to Round 1.  I was also appreciative to those who played in our indoor cricket match against the T20 B team at Box Hill Indoor.

We’ve also played two practice matches against Laburnum and Vermont South, to ensure that the boys are primed for our Round 1 fixture against East Box Hill on Saturday 4 October.  There are only a few more training runs left and with daylight savings still sometime away it is important to make the most of the remaining Tuesday and Thursday sessions in the lead up to Round 1.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to congratulate the appointed captains for the 2014-15 season:

1st XI – Luke Mason
2nd XI – Dom Pius
3rd XI – Tim Lane
4th XI – Mark Cassidy

Another big year awaits and with the same group going around again, I would urge you to start challenging yourself individually as this will be a key focus during the season.  All senior sides have the talent and drive to be successful on field and I am hoping to assist all senior teams in achieving this success.

Look forward to seeing you all on the track.


The Bullants after taking on the 1,000 steps at Mt.Dandenong during pre-season.
BTCC now has it’s very own Smartphone App. It’ll keep you up-to-date with BTCC news, events, ladders, teams and much more.

To get the full features of the App you need to download Team App onto your smartphone. Download Team App at

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If you don’t have a smartphone, send us a PM (private message) on Facebook so you can be added manually and you’ll receive email notifications.

Round 1 (4 / 11 October)
1st XI: East Box Hill, Howard Wilson Oval (Whitehorse Reserve)
2XI: Park Orchards, Ted Ajani Reserve
3XI: Heatherdale, Timber Ridge

Round 2 (18 / 25 October)
1st XI: Heatherdale, Ted Ajani Reserve
2XI: Heatherdale, Heatherdale Reserve
3XI: Mulgrave Wheelers Hill, Wellington Reserve

(4th XI TBA)

Open MyCricket for all fixtures, results, ladders and stats.

SAVE THE DATE – 2014-15 A1/A3 Premierships 10 Year Reunion

It’s hard to believe, but the upcoming cricket season represents the 10 year anniversary of the famous 1st (A1) and 2nd (A3) XI Premierships of 2004-05.

We will be recognising the occasion by holding a 10 year reunion, with Sunday 15th February set as the date for the function.  Further details to follow, so watch this space!

The fundraising season also recently got underway with a sausage sizzle held at Woolworths Camberwell.

Jack X Berry

Years played at BTCC?
Not sure…. A few (Ed: about 16)
Favourite food?
Wood fire pizza, nice and simple too – give me a bit of good quality prosciutto, rocket, cheese, olive oil and I’ll be a happy man
Favourite drink?
Scotch and dry
Favourite professional sports team?
West Indies cricket team of the 90’s
Lara, Shiv, Walsh, Ambrose, Hooper, Harper, Simmons, Jimmy Adams etc. Watched them religiously as a kid.
Favourite athlete?
Silly question, everyone knows the answer to this – Sir Brian Charles Lara
Favourite holiday destination?
Firenze, Italia.  A Beautiful old medieval city with great food and people.  Would go back in a heartbeat
What is your dream job?
F1 Driver.  Travel the world, trash a multi-million dollar car around a track, get free cars, earn millions, and the girls (only if I were single of course)
Who would play you in a movie?
Myself, I was in the movie Hook

What’s your specialty dish?
Grilled chicken or Steak and tinned tuna
Most memorable Bullant moment?
The first Shield premiership and the first end of season cricket trip to Adelaide
Funniest thing seen on a cricket field?
Taba getting stumped first ball against Blackburn.  Batting out of his crease whilst the keeper was up to the stumps and then letting the ball go through to the keeper with no intention of getting back in.  And Mason hitting an invisible brick wall whilst running between wickets.  With plenty of time to make his ground, he simply just stopped running.
Something others at the club may not know about you?
The ‘X’ in my name stands for Xon, which according to my mum stands for Jack.  But according to google it stands for Cantilever so my English name is actually Jack Cantilevere Berry…..
Where should we go on the next end of season trip?


Bendigo Bank – Doncaster East and Templestowe Village Community Bank Branches

We would like to thank Darren Bourke and the team at Doncaster East and Templestowe Village Community Bank Branches for their continued support of BTCC.

This season Bendigo Bank has launched the Club Rewards program.  The program involves Bendigo Bank kindly contributing funds to BTCC for each new home and personal loan, banking account (including term deposits) and insurance product opened by BTCC members and supporters at the Doncaster East and Templestowe Village Branches.  View the flyer below for further details.


Doncaster East branch:
900 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Templestowe Village branch:
128 James St, Templestowe VIC 3106