Excerpt from Life Membership Speech presented by Matt Hale on 30 March 2019


One of the highlights each presentation night is the induction of life members.

And tonight, I’m happy to say this inductee couldn’t be more deserving. He is someone who has made a significant mark on this great club both on and off the field but very rarely boasts about his accomplishments.

Dominic Pius first sported the blue and gold colours for Bulleen Templestowe Cricket Club in the season of 1996-97 as a very small, fresh faced youngster in the U12Bs under the tutelage of Ducky Simpson. Since that fateful Saturday morning, Dom has made an extraordinary contribution to the club over the last 20 or so years.

Whilst Dom couldn’t remember the amount of runs he made that day, wickets he took (or whether or not he wore that horrible Vermont St vest), I’d like to start by refreshing Dom by sharing some of his stats since this day. Thanks Frizz.

  • 19 years official service
  • Has played 205 games (equal 25th overall).
  • Scored 3,985 runs (ranked 18th overall).
  • Won 2nd XI Batting Averages: 2013/14, 2016/17 and 2018/19.
  • Played in four premierships (3 junior and 1 senior).
    • 1997/98 – Under 12’s
    • 1999/00 – Under 14’s
    • 2000/01 – Under 16’s
    • 2009/10 – 2nd XI
  • Scored 5 centuries (4 unbeaten) all in the second XI (including 100 after tea at Vermont)
  • Bowling – N/A

Fair to say that these stats demonstrate that Dom has established himself as a dominant batsman in the 2nd XI, one who most likely could have played a lot more 1st XI cricket. His ability to score quickly and in his own V (between 2nd slip and point) as well as over midwicket made him always exciting to watch. He is cat like in the field and on his day has taken a screamer or two.

One of my favourite moments that typifies Dom’s on field nature was a moment I shared with him at the crease in the 1st XI a few years back at Ajani. Dom was batting well and he proceeded to dance down the track to a heavy turning and bouncing Chris Jones and hit him for 6 onto the club room roof (not a bad feat for a guy of Dom’s build). The bowler then proceeded to slag Dom before he was ironically forced to fetch the ball himself. Dom said very little except for maybe a witty quip to me while the bowler was getting the ball. He then proceeded to do it twice again in the coming overs. Despite the bowler cursing him and calling him a couple of names after each ball, Dom simply let the bat do the talking.

Whilst Dom’s on field accomplishments are worth acknowledgement, I feel his legacy will lie in the profound impact he has made at the club off the field.

Dom’s tireless efforts and energy can be seen late on a Thursday or Saturday night at the club, taking out bins, running the Milo program or even just by looking at his inbox.

At last count, Dom has exchanged over 10k edumails with players, committee, supporters and the BHRDCA (on some not so enjoyable occasions) over the last 5 or so years. To his credit, he did manage to outsource printing and binding to his Assistant whilst at Gadens law firm, I think he may have even had her on his out of office for cricket matters whilst on holidays.

After serving on the committee as Vice President in 2012-13, Dom decided to take on the Presidency (in the middle of an electricity crisis), and made the position his own serving for four years from 2013-14 to 2016-17. He later returned to the role this year.

It is worth covering briefly some of the things Dom has been able to accomplish in his time in charge:

  • Establish girls junior cricket program
  • Re-introduced a Veterans team
  • Introduce a Multicultural T20 team
  • Oversaw the planning and completion of the new Nets Facility at Ajani
  • Facilitated and conducted Milo for 6 years (possibly his biggest challenge)
  • This is just a short selection of a long list.

However, in my opinion, Dom’s greatest accomplishment and legacy will be his development and love for the Junior Program.

This was his first objective when stepping into office. In just 2-3 seasons he was able to help rebuild our junior base from a dwindling 3-4 junior teams to 10+ at one stage. If it had not been Dom’s ability to rally people and stakeholders close to him, the club would no doubt be in a much different and more fragile position today.

On this night a few years back, he compared himself in his President’s speech to Barack Obama (which, yes, would have made me Donald Trump). One may think this was a bit of a stretch. However, as a US history buff there ARE some similar traits.

Dom’s always brought a great sense of positivity, professionalism, and a calm approach when running the club, often when others are quick to jump to an emotive reaction. He’s rational, a good listener and has always made decisions in the best interest of the club considering all stakeholders.

His selfless nature is evident, but for me, this was no better typified than when Dom called me (at his own cost might I add) from Europe whilst he was on exchange for a ball by ball description after we won the 2nd XI flag back in 2008. A team he had played a significant part in both then and since. This enthusiasm and selflessness was repeated last year when the 2nd were successful again with Dom not playing after spending much of the year playing in the 1s.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Dom grow throughout his time as President and as a player over his 20 years at the club and think there is no one more deserving of this great honour.

Tonight, it is a great privilege (with current Life Member Luke Mason) to induct Dominic Pius as a life member of Bulleen Templestowe Cricket Club.

Congratulations Dom.